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Just like family we help our family members get back on their feet and walk with them step by step on their journey to personal growth, mental stability and overall success. We assist in providing vital tools and community assistance needed for recovery with life changing results.

We work with Adults, Seniors, Veterans and Adolescents with mental health problems or in need of a helping hand. We have built a stress free and friendly environment that not only supports, but also welcomes each person into our family....

Our Services & Programs

Group Therapy

Sometime relating or learning from other peoples journey can be valuable. We provide specialized groups that focus on Addiction, Veteran support, and Life after Prison that make Straightwalk a trusted place for change. 

Couples Therapy

We get it ....relationships can be difficult sometimes and when life hits hard you either grow together or drift apart. Having someone to talk to with experience and expertise might give newfound perspective and renew what brought you two together in the first place.

Individual Therapy

Having a hard time in life or just need someone to talk to. Schedule one on one sessions with our licensed professionals to help you.

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Insurances Accepted

We accept  Medicaid, Medicare and all major insurance carriers. 

To see if your insurance will be accepted contact us.

Success Stories

Here are some kind reviews about our agency from Google 

Cheryl Wellman

Michael Gasser

A family member asked us to help her find a treatment center near her and we chose Straight Walk Family Services. I made the trip up to be with her as she checked in and im very pleased with the decision we made. The staff was understanding and made us feel at ease. I'd recommend them to family and friends,

Excellent staff who clearly love what they do. The place helped a friend make some life changes.

Since Covid 19, my anxiety has been alleviated and the staff there has shown me nothing but support since this change in the world. I feel sorry for those that are not able to reach out to someone because they fear talking about their struggles because of judgement. Straight Walk staff is very caring and I think my doctor for referring me to their agency. 

Nancy Brown

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Address: 505 Sunset Ave

Rocky Mount NC 27804

Phone Number: 252-212-5524

Crisis Line: 252-508-9707

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