Mental Health Treatment in

Rocky Mount, NC

Straight Walk Family Services work with individuals to help with their road to recovery.  Through clinical assessment, Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACTT), medication management, short term outpatient treatment, outpatient therapy, and long term treatment. Mental health is a wide range of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addictive behaviors like substance abuse and anxiety. There are many people who have mental illness. You are not alone.

Straight Walk Family Services provides compassionate medical and psychiatric care to adults and adolescents suffering from mental health issues, alcoholism and drug abuse. We set high standards of psychiatric care and addiction rehabilitation. Our network of therapist, doctors, staff, mentors and volunteers go the extra mile to make sure our clients get everything that they need in order to succeed in life.

Mental Health Services in

Rocky Mount, NC

  • Clinical assessment provides an overall analysis of our client’s state of health and well-being.  It is a way of diagnosing and planning treatment for a patient that involves evaluating someone in order to figure out what is wrong.  At Straight Walk there are many types of psychological assessments, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACTT) are specifically designed to help those who may have co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse issues. The Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) approach is designed to provide comprehensive psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, and support to people with serious and persistent mental illness to live independently in the community. Clients typically served by ACT teams often have needs that have not been effectively addressed by traditional, less intensive services. Team members work with clients where necessary such as their homes, work setting, or places in the community where additional support might be needed.

  • Medication Management is a service that ensures you are prescribed appropriate medications to maintain a healthy living.


  • Short Term Outpatient Treatment Program consists of a Program Orientation and a minimum of 10 2-hour or seven 3-hour group counseling sessions, usually spread out over no less than 30 days.


  • Outpatient Therapy is a form of therapeutic treatment which is offered to people who do not need to be hospitalized. We provide individual, family and group therapy.


  • Long Term Treatment is provided to those who need longer to heal than the short term outpatient treatment program can provide.

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